Solo Backpack in Olympic National Park.

A night in the mountains alone is always a good decision for me. It brings so much clarity and mindfulness, every second drags on and on and my mind fills with bliss. I didn't take many photos on this trip because I was mainly looking for some R&R. I didn't want distractions, just the sound of the river and the marmots calling (with the occasional goat scurrying around) 

In terms of isolation, it doesn't get much better than this spot. I shared the lake with a father-son duo but they were about as quiet and respectful as you'll ever find out here, even offering me some bug spray when they saw me swatting for hours on end. 

This might also be one of the last times anyone will see mountain goats at this lake because Olympic National Park has begun extraction/eradication of all the goats in the Park. They're a non-native species out here and as such, are quite damaging to the ecosystem on their never ending hunt for salts. They can also be extremely aggressive. I'll be sad to see them go, watching the young ones in the summer is a real treat, but I'll also be relieved as Olympic will be on step closer to its natural pristine origins. 

Enjoy :)